Beauty Queen

Sandra is an exotic beauty from Italy. She is taking part in the Miss International Beauty Contest. Before she can compete she needs to undergo an entire physical exam. For legal reasons the entire exam is video taped. Watch as she strips down exposing her beautiful natural body, then has a complete vaginal and rectal exam. The Doctor is a little concerned about her ass, and decides to use his fingers for an "inner" examination.

Doctor Exam

Lauri is going away to college, and needs to have a physical exam before she goes. She has not had a complete exam in many years so the Doctor must be thorough to check her entire body. She has all of her vitals checked, including a complete gynecology exam. He even lubricates his fingers and checks her ass. Watch the entire exam now!

The Sitter

Chris comes home from his night out to find the babysitter sound asleep. He wakes her up, and asks her how his son is. She says that his son was feeling a little sick so he put him to bed early. Chris asks her if she took his temperature and she replied that she does not know how to. Chris is pissed off that his babysitter did not know how to take care of his son. Chris decides that she needs to be taught a lesson. He starts with a spanking and then demonstrates on her how a rectal thermometer is used!

Cavity Search

Airport securty is very strict. If a drug dog happens to pull you out of line you are in for a very strict body search. That's exactally what happens to Karen. She was going back to school after her Spring Break, and decided to bring back some of the local drugs. After she is pulled out of line, she is taken into the security room and stripped. She was not cooperating with security so she was handcuffed. Watch as she receives a vaginal and rectal exam until the illegal drugs are found!

Taking Advantage

Lori visits her gynecologist for her yearly exam. Her Doctor was still on lunch break so the nurse takes her into the office to prep her for the doctor. While the nurse is preparing her for her exam, she decides to take advantage of Lori. She takes Lori's temperature rectally, then has her spread her legs. Nurses are not supposed to use their tongues, but this one does!









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