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Site Last Updated Today: July 20, 2019
Amy Lee is going away to college, and needs to have a physical exam before she goes. She has not had a complete exam in many years so the Doctor must be thorough to check her entire body. She has all of her vitals checked, including a complete gynecology exam. The doctor even lubricates her fingers and checks her ass. Watch the entire exam now!
Linda had an appointment to meet with her doctor for her annual exam. She is a very beautiful Doctor so all the girls in the neighborhood get excited when it's their time for an exam. She starts off the exam by checking all Linda's vitals. She then proceeds to give her a deep gyno exam. She ends the exam by giving her a complete anal checkup including rectal thermometer in her tushy!
Jess needed to complete a physical before she can attend college. She meets with her doctor who tells her to undress and put on a robe. She then has all her vitals checked by the doctor. She then performs a complete gyno exam. After her gyno exam he gives her a rectal examination including having her temperature taken rectally!
Bonus Update
Deanna was arrested for shoplifting and brought down to the prison holding cell. After the detective arrived, she brought Deanna into the main office for an entire humiliating strip and cavity search. Deanna is stripped down and has her asshole spread and poked. She is then put back into the holding cell without any clothes!
Daria visited her doctor's office to get her yearly physical. Her doctor had Daria take off all her clothes, then starts to examine her. She started off checking her breasts and vitals. Next She gave her a very thorough breast exam. The doctor then gave her an intrusive gyno and rectal examination. She finished off the visit with a flu shot in the butt!
Marcy had to get a medical checkup after she started her new job in America. In order to get insurance they had to make sure she was completely healthy. The doctor had her strip off all her clothes so she could receive a very thorough examination. She gets her breasts checked, then a complete vaginal and anal examination!
Colby visited her doctor for a total physical examination. She starts off getting her vitals checked including blood pressure and heart rate. Next she takes off her top and gets a breast exam. Colby was embarrassed at how wet she got while she lay back and got a gyno exam followed by a deep anal checkup!
Vivian had to get a medical checkup after she started her new job. In order to get insurance they had to make sure she was completely healthy. She received a very thorough examination. She had her breasts checked, then got a complete vaginal and rectal examination. At the end of the exam, Dr. White gave her a shot in the butt!
Kira went to the doctor's office for an annual physical. She had a male doctor who asked her to take off all her clothes so he could take a good look at her. She was weighed and had her back checked for scoliosis. Then Kira had to lay down and spread her legs open wide for a gynecological exam. Finally, he got an anal thermometer and stuck it in her tight asshole for a quick check on her temp!
Eva visited her doctor for a sore throat and a yearly physical. Her normal doctor was on vacation so she was lucky to get examined by the beautiful new doctor. Eva was a little nervous, but the doctor made her feel very comfortable. She got her vitals checked before receiving a gyno examination. Then she was turned over onto her stomach and received a deep anal exam followed by a rectal thermometer insertion!
Bonus Update
Angelica Lane decided to visit her boyfriend Chris Cannon who is a Doctor at the local hospital. He was very stressed out from work, so she decided to pay him a visit. She went into the office and locked the door behind her. He had a half hour break before his next patient so she had just the plan to help him relax. She stripped off her clothing, helped him out of his clothing and gave him an amazing handjob!
Layla White visited her doctor to get her annual checkup. Her sexy nurse and doctor started off by taking all of her vitals including blood pressure and heart rate. The doctor then ordered Layla to strip down. The doctor then checked her breasts followed by a vaginal and rectal examination. The exam is finished off as the nurse checked Layla's temperature with a rectal thermometer!
Beth visited her doctor to get a physical examination. The exam started with getting her vitals checked including heart rate, and breathing. Next she had her breasts thoroughly examined. Then the doctor intimately inspected her firm ass. The doctor first examined her tushy with her finger followed by a rectal thermometer. Finally, she took out a syringe and gave her a shot in the tushy!
Carrie was feeling under the weather so she made an appointment to see her doctor. Her usual doctor was on vacation and she got a new male doctor this time. He had Carrie strip down so he could give her a thorough checkup. She was weighed, had her heart and lungs checked, then the doctor spread her legs apart so he could get a good look at her pussy. He spent a long time prodding her vagina and asshole to make sure she was completely healthy!






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