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Site Last Updated Today: July 20, 2019
Michelle is a beautiful blonde who recently joined her college cheerleading squad. Before she was cleared to practice with the team she had to pass a complete physical. She visited the doctor and received a complete exam. The Doctor started with the basics checking her heart and lungs. Then proceeded to give her a thorough breast exam. Following the breast exam she received a complete gyno and rectal examination including a thermometer in her ass!
Linda visited her doctor for her yearly examination. Her doctor started off the exam by having her strip off her clothing and weight in. Next she received a thorough breast exam, and Dr. took her time examining every inch of Heather's big breasts. Next she laid back in the stirrups and had a gyno checkup with speculum. Dr. finished off the exam by giving her a rectal exam followed by her temperature checked rectally!
Candy visited the doctor to get a physical examination. The doctor started off taking her vitals and check her heart rate and pulse. The doctor then proceeded to check her breasts very thoroughly. She then gave Candy a gyno exam with a speculum. She finished off the exam with a rectal thermometer and anal checkup!
Stacy wanted to try our for her college cheerleading squad so she had to first pass a physical exam. She went to her doctors for a full body checkup. The doctor had her strip off her clothing and undgo a complete exam starting with a breast exam. Once the breast exam was completed she received a full gyno exam followed by an anal checkup with rectal thermometer!

Bonus Update Christina visited her massage therapist to receive a nice relaxing massage. Her masseuse, Maya, started off giving her a nice relaxing deep tissue massage. Christina has her back massaged as well as her legs and thighs. Maya then slowly moved up to Christana's tushy. Christina must have enjoyed it because she lett out a soft moan of pleasure. She then pulled out a bottle of anal lube and a vibrator! Watch what she does next to Christina's tight Asshole!!
Brit needed new insurance so she visited the doctor to get a checkup. In order to get a new insurance policy she needed a clean bill of health. The cute doctor started off taking all of her vital signs. She then received a very thorough gyno and rectal examination!m!
Gina visits her doctor to get her yearly medical examination. Gina has a perfect ass, and the doctor just loves to check them out! Watch as he feels every part of her tight ass, then gives her a vaginal exam followed by a deep rectal exam!
Vanessa visited her doctor to get her yearly physical. Her normal doctor was on vacation so she was lucky to get examined by the beautiful new doctor. Vanessa was a little nervous, but the doctor made her feel very comfortable. She got her vitals checked before receiving a gyno examination. Next she was turned over onto her stomach and received a deep anal exam!
Stephanie is a freshman at college and wants to join the field hockey team. Before she can join the team she needs to receive a medical examination. The only doctor available to examine her is a very cute recently graduated doctor. She is embarrassed to have to strip down for him and get examined, but agrees. Watch as she gets her entire body checked out!
Nicky is about to try out for cheerleading for her college football team, and before she can practice she needs to receive a complete exam. Nicky is a very hot brunette and the doctor wants to make sure her body can handle all of the stress that an athlete endures. The doctor gives her a very thorough exam including breast, anal, and gyno exam! She also gets a rectal thermometer in her ass!!
Sara simply needed a routine checkup. But when the Doctor started exploring the delicate, sensitive areas of her womanhood, she quietly obliged, and as the hands began searching further and further, getting closer and closer to her ass, she gently welcomed the thermometer. Sara loves it in the butt, and has marked this day as her favorite trip to the doctor!
Sara needed to pass a medical exam in order to cheer for her local college football team. She visisted her doctor for a complete body examination. She first had her breasts examined very thoroughly. After her breast exam she received a full gyno check. She finished off the exam by getting a very deep anal examination!
Stephanie needs to have her physical before she can go to school. When she meets with her doctor, she tells her to undress and put on a robe. She checks her vitals and blood pressure and then she performs a complete gyno exam. After her gyno exam he gives her a rectal examination!






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