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Site Last Updated Today: July 20, 2019
Donna visited her doctor to get her annual checkup. Her doctor started off by taking all of her vitals including blood pressure and heart rate. The doctor then ordered Donna to strip down. The doctor then checked her breasts followed by a vaginal and rectal examination. The exam is finished off as the doctor checked Donna's temperature with a rectal thermometer!
Beatrice visited her doctor's office to get her yearly physical. Her doctor had eatrice take off all her clothes, then starts to examine her. She started off checking her breasts and vitals. Next she gave her a very thorough breast exam. The doctor then gave her an intrusive gyno and rectal examination. She finished off the visit with a flu shot in the butt!
Penelope needed an annual physical exam so she went to see her doctor. She took off all her clothes to put on the patient's gown and straddled the patient bed for her vaginal exam before flipping over so the doctor could probe her anus with her finger. The visit was capped off by using a standard anal thermometer to check the patient's temperature, then Penelope was sent home with a clean bill of health!
Catrina visited her doctor to get a physical examination. The exam started with getting her vitals checked including heart rate, and breathing. Next she had her breasts thoroughly examined. Then the doctor gave her a full gyno examination. Next she had Catrina flip over and gave her a complete anal examination. Finally, she took out the thermometer and took her temperature from her ass!
Stacy was required to get a full physical for her college swim team so she made an appointment at her local doctor's office. Dr. Green had Stacy take off all her clothes and gave her a breast exam first. Then she had her spread her legs open to get a gyno examination. After that she had Stacy lay on her stomach so she could inspect her ass with her finger, then Dr. Green inserted a rectal thermometer to get her temperature! Watch the entire medical exam video now!
Ellen hadn't been to her yearly check-up yet so she scheduled an appointment with the doctor! Upon her arrival she was told she needed to do her gyno and rectal exam so with some unease she agreed. The doctor checked her breasts for lumps as well and continued to check her temperature as well as the rest of her body for any irregularities. Then she got an injection in her ass and deep rectal examination.
Catrina meets with her Doctor every year for her examination. Now that Catrina is sexually active, its time for her first gyno exam! She was a little nervous at first, but her doctor made her feel very comfortable. She started off getting all her vitals and breasts examined, then laid back on the table with her feet up in the stirrups. After a full gyno exam her doctor had her lie on her stomach while she received a quick anal checkup followed by rectal thermometer!
Bonus Update Melanie was alone so she decided to steal some stuff from her fellow students. She grabbed a graphing calculator, however, she was a little too careless and didn't notice the door was wide open. She didn't notice her teacher coming in the room. When she did realize what was happening it was too late. Her teacher was already coming at her with the board in hand ready to lay down a hard ass spanking!
Susie is a beautiful brunette with big breasts who visited the Doctor for her yearly examination. The Doctor started off giving her a very thorough examination, having her take off all of her clothes first. She checked her weight, then her lungs and breasts and all her vital signs. Next she gave her a gyno exam followed by a deep anal examination!
Tina visited her doctor for a total physical examination. She starts off getting her vitals checked including blood pressure and heart rate. Next she takes off her top and gets a very thorough breast exam. Next she layed back and got a complete gyno exam. The doctor finished up the exam giving her a deep anal checkup, followed by a thermometer in her ass.
Gina hasn't been feeling well lately so she went to see doctor. The doctor suggested a full physical so Gina got undressed so she doctor could check her heart, lungs and breasts. Gina put on a gown and had her height and weight measured before spreading her legs on the geurney so the doc could check her vagina. She then flipped her over and used a couple fingers to probe her ass before taking her temperature with an anal thermometer!
Belle had to get a medical checkup after she started her new job. In order to get insurance they had to make sure she was completely healthy. She received a very thorough examination. She had her breasts checked, then got a complete vaginal and rectal examination. At the end of the exam the doctor gave her a shot in the butt!
Kelly went to the doctor's office for an annual physical. She had the doctor who asked her to take off all her clothes so he could take a good look at her. She was weighed and had her back checked for scoliosis. Then Kelly had to lay down and spread her legs open wide for a gynecological exam. Finally, he got an anal thermometer and stuck it in her tight asshole for a quick check on her temp!






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