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Site Last Updated Today: July 20, 2019
Erica visited her Doctor to get her yearly examination. Her Doctor started off checking her vital signs including her heart rate and blood pressure. The doctor then gave Erica a very thorough breast examination. Next she gave her a gyno and rectal examination making sure to check her completely. She finished the exam by taking her temperature with a rectal thermometer!
Lori joined her local college cheerleading squad, but before she could get clearance to cheer she had to undergo a physical. Her regular doctor was away on vacation, so she decided to go to the school doctor for her rigorous exam. The doctor started off checking all of her vitals, listening to her breathing and heart rate. Then he had her strip off her clothing for a full body examination. The doctor started with a breast exam making sure to carefully check for any lumps. Once her breasts were cleared, he had her lay back in the stirrups for a gyno exam making sure to check her extremely thoroughly. Next, he had her get up on her hands and knees for an anal examination. After sticking his finger deep in her ass, he took out a rectal thermometer and took her temperature rectally. He finished off the exam with a painful injection right in to her buttocks!
Kim visited her doctor for her yearly examination. The exam started off with Kim stripping off her clothing and putting on a gown. The doctor then proceeded to give her a complete examination. She got her breasts thoroughly examined followed by her breathing and heart rate. She then laid back in the stirrups and got a deep gyno exam. The doctor finished off the exam with an anal checkup and rectal thermometer!
Caity visited her doctor to get a physical examination. The exam started with getting her vitals checked including heart rate, and breathing. Next she had her breasts thoroughly examined. Then the doctor intimately inspected her firm ass. The doctor first examined her tushy with her finger followed by a rectal thermometer. Finally, she took out a syringe and gave her a shot in the tushy!
Bonus Update From Dave and Kelly went to have their backs massaged and received a little bit more than they asked for. As they entered the massage therapists office Dave noticed a few very attractive women staring at him from behind the secretaries desk. After they had lied down and had taken their clothes off, Dave and Kelly looked up and noticed that the sexy women had followed them and were going to all help them get their massages! Dave and Kelly both received the best massages they have ever gotten, both having multiple orgasmic reactions before the session was over!
Jamie visited the local clinic to receive her yearly checkup. Her doctor came in and gave her a very thorough examination. First she started off getting her weight and vitals checked. Next she received a breast exam. The doctor finished off the checkup with a vaginal gyno exam and anal checkup!
Stacy visited her doctor to get an examination. The doctor started off by asking Stacy to strip off her clothing and receive a breast examination. She thoroughly examined her breasts to make sure everything felt ok. Next she had Stacy lay back with her feet up in the stirrups to receive a gyno exam. She finished off the exam with an anal check and a rectal thermometer!
Lisa visited her doctor to get her annual checkup. Her sexy nurse and doctor started off by taking all of her vitals including blood pressure and heart rate. The doctor then ordered Lisa to strip down. The doctor then checked her breasts followed by a vaginal and rectal examination. The exam is finished off as the doctor checked Lisa's temperature with a rectal thermometer!
Jamie visited her doctor for her yearly examination. Her Doctor started off the exam by having her strip off her clothing and weight in. Next she received a thorough breast exam, and the doctor. took her time examining every inch of Jamie's big breasts. Next she laid back in the stirrups and had a gyno checkup with speculum. The doctor finished off the exam by giving Jamie a rectal exam followed by her temperature checked rectally.
Carol is in the doctor's office for her annual physical examination. The doctor comes in and immediately instructs her to remove her clothing. Carol strips off her clothes revealing her sexy physique. After a breast and breathing exam the doctor spreads open Carol's legs and fetches the vaseline so she can easily insert the speculum into her vagina. After the gyno exam the doctor tells Carol to flip over and she quickly sticks her finger into her asshole. She finished the physical by checking her temperature with a rectal thermometer.
Michelle had to visit her gynecologist to get her yearly exam. Her doctor is very thorough in order to make make she gets the most complete exam possible. First, she shows Michelle how to do a proper breast examination making sure to check completely for any signs of abnormality. Then she had Michelle sit back in the stirrups to get a full vaginal examination. At the end of her exam the doctor made sure to give her a thorough anal exam followed by rectal thermometer.
Denise visits the doctor to get her yearly physical examination. The doctor has her remove her clothing and checks her weight. Denise gets a thorough breast examination and has a speculum inserted in her pussy for a gynecological exam. After getting her vitals and the rest of her body examined the doctor has her on her stomach and gives her a deep anal checkup!






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