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Anal Examined

Kelly visited her doctor to get a physical examination. The exam started with getting her vitals checked including heart rate, and breathing. Next she had her breasts thoroughly examined. Finally the doctor gave her a deep anal examination. The doctor first examined her tushy with her finger followed by a rectal thermometer.

Oh Doctor

Ashley visited her doctor to get her yearly physical. Her normal doctor was on vacation so she was lucky to get examined by male doctor. Ashley was a little nervous, but the doctor made her feel very comfortable. She got her vitals checked before receiving a gyno examination. Next she was turned over onto her stomach and received a deep anal exam!

Rectal Invasion

Carla went to the Doctor for a quick checkup. Her Doctor started off the examination by checking all of her vital signs, and body stats including , heart rate, weight, and temperature. Next, the Doctor gave Carla a very thorough breast exam. She ended the exam with a very deep anal examination followed by an injection in her tushy!

Enjoying Her Work

Clarice visited her college nurse before she participate her college lacrosse team. The nurse starts off taking all of her vital signs including breathing, heart rate, and reflexes. Next she checks her breast to make sure they are good. She finishes off the exam by giving her a deep anal exam followed by her temperature checked rectally! This nurse gets very involved in her work!

Pretty Perky Breasts

Kim needed new insurance so she visited the doctor to get a checkup. In order to get a new insurance policy she needed a clean bill of health. The cute doctor started off taking all of her vital signs. She then received a very thorough gyno and rectal examination!
Relax Your Buttocks
Cindy had to get a medical checkup after she started her new job. In order to get insurance they had to make sure she was completely healthy. She receives a very thorough examination. She gets her breasts checked, then a complete vaginal and rectal examination.
Nurse I'm Ready
Jessica visits the doctor to get her yearly physical examination. The doctor has her remove her clothing and checks her weight. Next Jessica gets a thorough breast examination. After getting her vitals and the rest of her body examined the doctor has her on her stomach and gives her a deep anal checkup!

The Examination

Libby visited her doctor to get a complete checkup. The female doctor started with a breast examination. Libby then received an anal and gyno exam. The doctor then had her get on her hands and knees where she received a thermometer deep into her ass! The doctor was so turned on by Libby she bent over and licked her ass! That's a special examination!

Going Deeper

Claire visited her doctor to get a complete medical examination for her school. She started off getting her vitals checked including weight, height, breast exam, and heart rate. Next she received a complete gyno examination. At the end of the exam, the doctor gave her an anal checkup which included getting her temperature checked with a rectal thermometer!

The Things Girls Do

Vicky went to her gynecologist for her yearly examination. She stripped off her clothing and prepared for the exam. The doctor started off taking all of her vitals, then checked over her body really thoroughly. She had her breasts examined, then received a gyno exam followed by a deep tushy checkup!

Doctor in Training

Nikki went to her doctor for her annual physical examination. She recently had a breast reduction so the doctor made sure to give her a very thorough examination to make sure they were healing well. Next she received a very deep anal examination followed by getting her temperature checked with a rectal thermometer.






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