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Nice Ass

Today Lisa is visiting the gynecologist for the first time. She went to meet with the doctor but was a little nervous. The doctor came in and assured her everything would be ok. Watch as she receives her first gynecological exam. She has her entire body checked out and also has her temperature checked rectally.
Let Me Taste That
Debbie visited her doctor to get a complete physical examination. Her normal doctor was on vacation so she was examined by one of the nurses.The nurse so how hot Debbie looked and couldn't stop touching her. The nurse started off checking all of her vitals. She then gave her a thorough breast exam followed by a gyno and anal checkup with tongue.

You Are In Good Hands

Lauri is going away to college, and needs to have a physical exam before she goes. She has not had a complete exam in many years so the Doctor must be thorough to check her entire body. She has all of her vitals checked, including a complete gynecology exam. She even lubricates her fingers and checks her ass. Watch the entire exam now!

Going Deep

Katie is taking classes over seas for the semester. When she gets to school she has to undergo a physical before she is allowed to attend classes to make sure she is not carrying any foreign diseases. Unknown to her, the doctor is not "certified". But she still has lots of fun touching and fondling her naked nude body.

This Looks Interesting

It was Tracey's annual gyno exam so she went and met with her doctor. She removed all her clothing so her doctor could give her a complete physical. Tracey has her breasts examined very thoroughly. Next she lays back and gets a gyno exam with a speculum. To finish off the examination her doctor gives her a deep anal checkup

Lesbian Lust

Gwen had her yearly physical exam and met with a nurse in training. She started off getting all of her vital signs checked including heart rate and temperature, but this horny nurse couldn't help but sticky tongue in the crack of Gwwen's ass!

I Gonna Ease In

Caroline came in for a full service physical. Her doctor greeted her and gave her patient a rob to change into. Caroline quickly undresses and sat on the examination table where her physician started listening to her heart. Her Doctor then started Caroline's gyno exam, took her rectal temperature, and finally gave her an injection in her left cheek!

Are You Cold

Michelle went to her doctors for a yearly examination. The doctor had her strip off her clothing exposing her beautiful perky breasts. After getting her breasts examined the doctor has her flip over to get an anal exam. The doctor pulls out her thermometer and inserts it deep into her ass! Watch as she gets a complete physical exam.
Don't Struggle
Airport security is very strict. If a drug dog happens to pull you out of line you are in for a very strict body search. That's exactly what happens to Karen. She was going back to school after her Spring Break, and decided to bring back some of the local drugs. After she is pulled out of line, she is taken into the security room and searched for drugs!
Can I Check Your Bum
Maria is entering her second year of college and decides to try out for the cheerleading squad for her football team. Before she can be on the squad she she needs to receive a full body exam. Watch as she strips off her clothing exposing her amazing tight body then get a vaginal and rectal examination!

Ass In The Air

Kristen visited her doctor for her physical examination. Before the doctor came in she was given a quick check over by the nurse. The nurse started off checking Kristen's small breasts very thoroughly.Next she had Kristen lay on her stomach while she took her temperature rectally.

Anal Exam

Tara visited her doctor to get a complete medical examination for her school. She started off getting her vitals checked including weight, height, breast exam, and heart rate. Next she received a complete gyno examination. At the end of the exam, the doctor gave her an anal checkup which included getting her temperature checked with a rectal thermometer!






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