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Can I Check Your Bum
Maria is entering her second year of college and decides to try out for the cheerleading squad for her football team. Before she can be on the squad she she needs to receive a full body exam. Watch as she strips off her clothing exposing her amazing tight body then get a vaginal and rectal examination!

Ass In The Air

Kristen visited her doctor for her physical examination. Before the doctor came in she was given a quick check over by the nurse. The nurse started off checking Kristen's small breasts very thoroughly.Next she had Kristen lay on her stomach while she took her temperature rectally.

Anal Exam

Tara visited her doctor to get a complete medical examination for her school. She started off getting her vitals checked including weight, height, breast exam, and heart rate. Next she received a complete gyno examination. At the end of the exam, the doctor gave her an anal checkup which included getting her temperature checked with a rectal thermometer!

Don't Worry

Anna visited her doctor to get her yearly physical. Her normal doctor was on vacation so she was lucky to get examined by a new doctor. Anna was a little nervous about having a male doctor, but the doctor made her feel very comfortable. He got her vitals checked before receiving a gyno examination. Next she was turned over onto her stomach and received a deep anal exam

Hot Anal Exam

Susan had an appointment to visit her doctor for a yearly checkup. Her regular doctor was on vacation so she was examined by a cute new doctor. She got all of her vitals checked including heart, breathing, and her reflexes. Next she received a gyno exam with a speculum, followed by her temperature checked rectally!

Routine Checkup

Krystal went to visit her Gynecologist for her annual checkup exam. Her doctor came out and gave her a complete checkup. She took all her vitals, checked her breast , then gave her a complete gyno and rectal examination. Watch her complete exam all caught on video!

What A Body To Exam

It's Nicole's yearly exam and she is very nervous to get a checkup. Luckily her beautiful doctor is very gentle and assuring. Watch as she gives Nicole a very thorough medical examination. She checks Nicole's perfect perky breasts, then has her turn over to receive a nice deep anal exam! She gets a deep thermometer insertion as well as a finger inserted in her ass.

Ass Up

It was Rochelle's annual gyno exam so she went and met with her doctor. She removed all her clothing so her doctor could give her a complete physical. Rochelle has her breasts examined very thoroughly. Next she lays back and gets a gyno exam with a speculum. To finish off the examination her doctor gives her a deep anal checkup!

Plump Rump

Gayla had her yearly physical exam and met with her doctor and nurse in training. She started off getting all of her vital signs checked including heart rate and temperature. Next she gets her breasts thoroughly examined by the nurse. Finally she turns over and receives a very deep anal checkup!

Perky Examination

Melissa visited her doctor to get an examination. Melissa was a little nervous so her gyno dr gently massaged her cute tushy.Then the doctor started checking her vitals before pulling down her gown and examining her big firm breasts. After the breast exam she had a gyno exam. She finished off the exam with a very deep anal checkup!
Perfect Ass
Danial came in for a full service physical. Caroline quickly undresses and sat on the examination table where her physician started listening to her heart. Her Doctor then started Danial's gyno exam, took her rectal temperature, and finally gave her an injection in her left cheek!

Hot Buns

Sheila went to her doctor to get her annual checkup exam. She was a little nervous but her doctor made her feel very comfortable. She started off getting her heart rate and breasts examined. The doctor they had her lay back where she received a gyno examination. She ended her checkup with a very thorough anal examination using her tongue!






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