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Site Last Updated Today: July 20, 2019
JaiCee Had to come to the Dr's because she found out her b/f cheated on her, so she wanted to make sure he didn't give her anything. So the Dr. checked her boobs, then moved down to her sweet pussy and did a deep exam! After taking a few test she turns her over and does a deep tushy exam, spreading her asshole open and shoving her finger deep into her sweet butt hole! She then was given a shot and her temp was taken! Watch as to see more in depth details of this examination!
It was that time again for Skylard's yearly exam! While at the doctors she was checked for breast cancer and then she had her pap smear done! To finish off the exam the doctor had to shove her finger deep into Skylards tight asshole, looking for any new growths! She then took a rectal temp. Watch this amazon movie of this big breast blonde getting her personal full body check up!
Brenda went in for a breast exam, and was in for a huge surprise when her Dr. told her she needed a full body exam! The doctor checked her lungs, and tits and then she had Brenda lay down on the table with her feet in the stirrups. She then gave her a pap smear, after this test was done she had to take her finger and shove it deep into Brenda's tight asshole! She finished with her temperature being taken in her sweet butt! This movie is awesome and a must see for the true medical fetish person!
Sexy blond goes in for a routine check up, She needed to get a pap smear along with a deep anal massage! The Dr. took great care in checking her tits and her sweet virgin pussy! The Dr. used her speculum and inserted deep into this blonds vagina! She then had her flip over onto her tummy where she went straight for her sweet brown eye! She lubed up her finger and pushed it deep into the blonds asshole moving it in and out slowly till she was done with the exam. The doctor then needed to check her temperature with a rectal thermometer!
Watch more of this exciting movie of this very private exam!
This super hot blonde with a really nice round bubble butt, gets a complete detailed deep exam. Watch her get a very slow breast exam, vaginal exam and a deep rectal exam. She also gets her temperature taken in her tight pink asshole. Really hot movie.
A super hot blonde with a nice round tight butt goes into to get her checkup. The doctor takes her time to examine her as shes in love with this girls body. This blonde cutie wouldn't dare question the doctor as the doctor fingers her all over and gets her to get on all 4's to get her tight asshole fingered. This movie features great close up action of everything.
Kari noticed that the doctor seemed extremely stressed out. As his patient, she felt it was her duty to give him a helping hand to relax. She asked him to lay down onto the table and then had him relax. Next, she took off his pants and pulled out his cock. She then stroked and sucked on his dick licked his tight asshole till he exploded all over her!
HOT blondie with big thick bubble booty gets a complete exam by a female doctor that loves to really take her time. This blondie gets her vagina examined and then gets her temperature taken and also a nice deep rectal exam. HOT movie, girl has a really tight pussy and ass!

Krista was arrested by the local officer and was brought down to the local jail. The officer saw Krista selling drugs, but couldn't find them when they searched her pockets. Krista denied having any drugs, but the officer knew better. She knows the girls commonly hide the drugs on their body so she decided to strip search her and give her a fully cavity search!
Lisa went to get an exam, she decided to bring her girlfriends along thinking it will be a quick non nude checkup. But then the doctor decided to do a complete checkup. Lisa's friends decided to watch. The doctor took his time checking her breasts and then her pussy, then he did a deep rectal exam with his fingers as well as took her temperature in her tight asshole. Lots more in this amazing hot video.
This is Lisa's first exam, the doctor took her time and made sure to inspect everything, watch as Lisa gets her breasts examined and then her pussy checked really well, the doctor uses her tools and her
finger. Then has Lisa turn around for a complete deep rectal exam and even uses a thermometer to check Lisa's temperature, she inserts it all the way, such a hot perfect girl, amazing body, must watch movie.
A super hot girl with a nice big round bubble butt goes to the doctor for a checkup, the doctor is turned on by her body and slowly gives her a complete checkup, it involves slowly checking out her breasts, going thru all the regular checkup procedures but also some nice vaginal exam attention and deep anal rectal examination, the doctor also uses a mercury thermometer to take her temperature, hot amazing movie as this girl is brand new.






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