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Blonde Girl Physical

Michelle had to go to her doctor for her yearly physical examination. She starts off getting her big breasts completely examined. The doctor then has Michelle turn over to receive an anal exam. The doctor inserts her finger deep into her ass. She then pulls out a thermometer and takes her temperature rectally!

Anal Checkup

Christine visits her doctor to get her annual checkup. Her sexy doctor starts off taking all of her vitals including blood pressure and heart rate. The doctor then orders Christine to strip down. The doctor then checks her breasts followed by a vaginal exam and rectal examination.
Check Out My Ass
Nicole is about to try out for cheerleading for her college football team, and before she can practice she needs to receive a complete exam. Nicole is a very petite natural red head so the doctor wants to make sure her body can handle the stress. The doctor gives her a very thorough exam including breast, anal, and gyno exam! She also gets a rectal thermometer in her ass!

Deep Anal Dive

Rebecca visited her doctor to get an examination. Her doctor started off checking her vitals before pulling down her gown and examining her big firm breasts. After the breast exam she had a gyno exam. She finished off the exam with a very deep anal checkup!

Spread Them

Gwen was going on vacation with friends, when a police drug dog at the airport sniffed her out. She was then immediately taken to the security room and stripped down. She was being uncooperative with security so she was handcuffed and restrained. Watch as she undergoes a very thorough vaginal and rectal cavity search!

Relax Your Cheeks

Dr. Jack is a big pervert. As he examines his patients he always try's to sneak a peek, and get an extra feel. While his patients are changing into their medical gown, he peaks behind the curtain to see if he can get a quick glance at their nude body. Even while he is examining them, he touches his patients in un appropriate ways. Watch his examination and how he gropes his unsuspecting patients.

Full Body Exam

Valerie went to the Doctor for a quick checkup. Her Doctor started off the examination by checking all of her vital signs, and body stats including mouth, heart rate, weight, and temperature. Next, the Doctor gave Valerie a very thorough breast exam. She ended the exam with a very deep anal examination including rectal thermometer.

In To Deep

Brianna was caught trying to smuggle drugs onto an airplane. She is taken by security to the holding cell. A doctor then enters the room and orders her to strip down. She refuses so the guard and doctor force her to remove her clothing. They then give her an entire humiliating cavity search. They check her vaginally and rectally while she is handcuffed and helpless.

Anal Intrusion

Barbara went to her doctor to get her annual checkup exam. She was a little nervous but her doctor made her feel very comfortable. She started off getting her heart rate and breasts examined. The doctor they had her lay back where she received a gyno examination. She ended her checkup with a very thorough anal examination!

Strictly Professional

Today Lisa is visiting the gynecologist for the first time. She went to meet with the doctor but was a little nervous. The doctor came in and assured her everything would be ok. Watch as she receives her first gynecological exam. She has her entire body checked out and also has her temperature checked rectally.

Are You Cold

Sara visited her doctor because she was going to college and needed a physical. The doctor took all of her vitals including blood pressure and temperature. He then felt her perky breasts to make sure they were healthy. He then gave her a gyno examination. After her gyno exam he had her lay on her stomach and gave her an injection in her ass!
This Might Hurt
Michelle visits her doctor to get her yearly medical examination. Michelle has a perfect ass, and the doctor just loves to check them out! Watch as he feels every part of her tight ass, then gives her a vaginal exam followed by a deep rectal exam!






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