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Red Head Exam

Susan had an appointment to visit her doctor for a yearly chekcup. Her regular doctor was on vacation so she was examined by a cute new doctor. She got all of her vitals checked including heart, breathing, and her reflexes. Next she received a gyno exam with a speculum, followed by her temperature checked rectally!

Busty Checkup

Kim needed new insurance so she visited the doctor to get a checkup. In order to get a new insurance policy she needed a clean bill of health. The cute doctor started off taking all of her vital signs. She then received a very thorough gyno and rectal examination!
Anal Examination
Cindy had to get a medical checkup after she started her new job. In order to get insurance they had to make sure she was completely healthy. She receives a very thorough examination. She gets her breasts checked, then a complete vaginal and rectal examination.

Blonde Checkup

Jessica visits the doctor to get her yearly physical examination. The doctor has her remove her clothing and checks her weight. Next Jessica gets a thorough breast examination. After getting her vitals and the rest of her body examined the doctor has her on her stomach and gives her a deep anal checkup!

Complete Exam

Vicky went to her gynecologist for her yearly examination. She stripped off her clothing and prepared for the exam. The doctor started off taking all of her vitals, then checked over her body really thoroughly. She had her breasts examined, then received a gyno exam followed by a deep tushy checkup!

Anal Examination

Valerie went to the Doctor for a quick checkup. Her Doctor started off the examination by checking all of her vital signs, and body stats including mouth, heart rate, weight, and temperature. Next, the Doctor gave Valerie a very thorough breast exam. She ended the exam with a very deep anal examination including rectal thermometer.

Visiting The Doc

Jessica had to go visit the doctor for her yearly exam. She hates having to go to the doctors, but realizes its for her best interest. Watch as she has a complete checkup including a vaginal and rectal exam!

Cheerleading Checkup

Kelly made the cheerleading team but before she can cheer on the squad she needs a physical. She meets with the doctor who gives her a complete checkup. The doctor tells her that before she can make the squad she must go through a pain management test. This test includes a hard spanking!

Rectal Examination

Cara was feeling a little sick so she went to her doctor to get a checkup. The sexy nurse had her strip off her clothing and lie down on the bed. The nurse then came in and gave her a complete body examination. The nurse checked her vitals then gave her a vaginal and rectal examination.

Cute Girl Examined

Staci is a freshman at college and wants to join the field hockey team. Before she can join the team she needs to receive a medical examination. The only doctor available to examine her is a very cute recently graduated doctor. She is embarrased to have to strip down for him and get examined, but agrees. Watch as she gets her entire body checked out!

Strip Searched

Stacy was going on vacation with friends, when a police drug dog at the airport sniffed her out. She was then immediately taken to the security room and stripped down. She was being uncooperative with security so she was handcuffed and restrained. Watch as she undergoes a very thorough vaginal and rectal cavity search!

Complete Exam

Lori needed to complete a physical before she can attend college. She meets with her doctor who tells to to undress and put on a robe. She then has all her vitals and blood pressure checked by the doctor. He then performs a complete gyno exam. After her gyno exam he gives her a rectal examination including her temperature rectally.






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