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Site Last Updated Today: July 20, 2019

Airport Security

Brianna was caught trying to smuggle drugs onto an airplane. She is taken by security to the holding cell. A doctor then enters the room and orders her to strip down. She refuses so the guard and doctor force her to remove her clothing. They then give her an entire humiliating cavity search. They check her vaginally and rectally while she is handcuffed and helpless.

Total Body Checkup

It's Nikki's yearly exam and she is very nervous to get a checkup. Luckily her beautiful doctor is very gentle and assuring. Watch as she gives Nikki a very thorough medical examination. She checks Nikki's perfect perky breasts, then has her turn over to receive a nice deep anal exam! She gets a deep thermometer insertion as well as a finger inserted in her ass.

Busty College Exam

It was Rebecca's annual gyno exam so she went and met with her doctor. She removed all her clothing so her doctor could give her a complete physical. Rebecca has her breasts examined very thoroughly. Next she lays back and gets a gyno exam with a speculum. To finish off the examination her doctor gives her a deep anal checkup!

Nurse In Training

Gwen had her yearly physical exam and met with her doctor and nurse in training. She started off getting all of her vital signs checked including heart rate and temperature. Next she gets her breasts throroughly examined by the nurse. Finally she turns over and receives a very deep anal checkup!

Busty Examination

Lisa visited her doctor to get an examination. Her doctor started off checking her vitals before pulling down her gown and examining her big firm breasts. After the breast exam she had a gyno exam. She finished off the exam with a very deep anal checkup!

Total Body Exam

It was time for Romina's annual checkup, so she went and visited her doctor. Her busty doctor had her strip off all her clothing to receive a total physical exam. The doctor started on her cute firm pierced breasts, then gave her a gyno exam. Next the doctor had her flip over onto her stomach and gave her a deep anal exam!

Body Examined

Katrina visited her doctor to get a physical examination. The exam started with getting her vitals checked including heart rate, and breathing. Next she had her breasts thoroughly examined. Finally the doctor gave her a deep anal examination. The doctor first examined her tushy with her finger followed by a rectal thermometer.

Anal Injection

Carrie went to the Doctor for a quick checkup. Her Doctor started off the examination by checking all of her vital signs, and body stats including , heart rate, weight, and temperature. Next, the Doctor gave Carrie a very thorough breast exam. She ended the exam with a very deep anal examination followed by an injection in her tushy!

Student Athlete Exam

Sara visited her college nurse before she participate her college lacrosse team. The nurse starts off taking all of her vital signs including breathing, heart rate, and reflexes. Next she checks her breast to make sure they are good. She finishes off the exam by giving her a deep anal exam followed by her temperature checked rectally!

Perky Breasted Exam

Lori went to her doctors for a yearly examination. The doctor had her strip off her clothing exposing her beautiful perky breasts. After getting her breasts examined the doctor has her flip over to get an anal exam. The doctor pulls out her thermometer and inserts it deep into her ass! Watch as she gets a complete physical exam.
Big Breasts Exam
Jennifer was scheduled for a full examination today. Her doctor greeted her went over some questions then asked Jen to undress. The doctor listened to her patients heart then started a full gyno check up. Jennifer then had her temperature checked with an anal thermometer. Jen then finally got a shot at the end of her physical.
Petite Examination
Kayla Marie is entering her second year of college and decides to try out for the cheerleading squad for her football team. Before she can be on the squad she she needs to receive a full body exam. Watch as she strips off her clothing exposing her amazing tight body then get a vaginal and rectal examination!






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