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Red Head Exam

Nicole is about to try out for cheerleading for her college football team, and before she can practice she needs to receive a complete exam. Nicole is a very petite natural red head so the doctor wants to make sure her body can handle the stress. The doctor gives her a very thorough exam including breast, anal, and gyno exam! She also gets a retal thermometer in her ass!

Blonde Exam

Hollie is a beautiful petite blonde who visited the Doctor for her yearly examination. The Doctor started off giving her a very thorough examination. She checked her breasts and all her vital signs. Next she gave her a gyno exam followed by a deep anal examination.

Petite Examination

Carrie is attending college and has to visit with the school nurse before she can cheer for her football team. The nurse decides to give her a complete physical. She has Carrie strip off her clothing and checks her entire body. She gets a breast exam, vitals checked, followed by a deep tushy examination with rectal thermometer!

Medical Examination

Kimmie visited her doctor for a total physical examination. She starts off getting her vitals checked including blood pressure and heart rate. Next she takes off her top and gets a breast exam. The doctor then has Kimmie lay back and get a gyno exam followed by a deep anal checkup!

Gyno, Breast & Anal

Tara visited her doctor to get a physical examination. THe doctor started off with her vitals checking her heart, breathing, and weight. Next she received a very thorough breast checked. The doctor then gave Tara a gyno exam. She finished off the examination by giving her a deep anal examination!

Home Exam

Sara was feeling sick so her doctor sent over the nurse to give her a home examination. She started off by having Sara remove all her clothing then checked her body. She had her breasts examined and then received a gyno and rectal examination.

Erotic Examination

Debbie visited her doctor to get a complete physical examination. Her normal doctor was on vacation so she was examined by one of the nurses. The nurse started off checking all of her vitals. She then gave her a thorough breast exam followed by a gyno and anal checkup.

Doctor Exam

Lauri is going away to college, and needs to have a physical exam before she goes. She has not had a complete exam in many years so the Doctor must be thorough to check her entire body. She has all of her vitals checked, including a complete gynecology exam. He even lubricates his fingers and checks her ass. Watch the entire exam now!

Body Examined

Lori wanted to play on her college soccer team so she needed to get a physical exam before she was allowed to play. Her doctor was new to the school so she didn't realize she only had to check the girls breathing and heart rate. Instead, the doctor gave the girl a complete exam including her breasts, and deep anal exam!

Big Breast Checkup

Lori visits with her doctor to get a complete checkup. Since her doctor is in a meeting the horny nurse decides to give her an examination instead. The nurse gives her a very erotic checkup, touching, and probing all of Lori's voluptuous body parts. She checks Lori's huge firm breasts then gives her a gyno and rectal examination.

Total Examination

Lori had to meet with her nurse before she was allowed to make the cheerleading team for her college football team. The nurse goes over everything with Lori then begins the examination. Lori has her big pierced breasts fully examined then receives a complete gyno and rectal examination, followed by a rectal thermometer checkup.

Foreign Exchange Dr.

Katie is taking classes over seas for the semester. When she gets to school she has to undergo a physical before she is allowed to attend classes to make sure she is not carrying any foreign diseases. Unknown to her, the doctor is not a "certified". But he still has lots of fun touching and fondling her naked nude body. Watch has he touches her breasts, and gives her a full gynecologist and rectal exam.






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