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Rebecca visited the doctor for her yearly examination. The doctor was in a meeting, so the nurse started off the exam. She started off checking her breasts and vital signs. Next she gave her a thorough gyno exam. She finished off the exam with a deep anal checkup!
Dr Kerry is a beautiful black Doctor who recently graduated from Medical school. She loves her job, especially when she was a beautiful patient like Margaret. Watch as she gives her a complete medical examination. Margaret gets her breasts thoroughly checked, a gyno exam with light up speculum and deep anal examination!
Virginia visited her doctor because she was having some back pains. Her regular doctor was on a business trip so her husband Dr. Joe performed the exam. It was Virginia's first time getting examined by a male doctor and she was a little nervous. He started off having her strip off her clothing and into a gown. He then performed a complete physical making sure to give her a thorough checkup. He started off with a breast exam making sure to cover every square inch of her big firm breasts. Next he gave her a gyno exam with light up speculum. He finsihed the examination with an anal exam and rectal thermometer.
Susan had an appointment to meet with her Doctor Violet for her annual exam. Dr. is a very beautiful Doctor so all the girls in the neighborhood get excited when it's their time for an exam. She starts off the exam by checking all Susan's vitals. She then proceeds to give her a deep gyno exam. She ends the exam by giving her a complete anal checkup including rectal thermometer in her tushy!
Stacy visited her Doctor's office to get her yearly physical. Her doctors Roseanne and Claire decided to examine her together. They started off checking her breasts and vitals. Next they gave her a very deep and thorough breast exam. They finished off the exam with a rectal checkup!
Sharon visited her doctor to get a complete checkup. Her doctor was a cutie just out of Medical School. She started off the exam checking all of Sharon's vitals. She then proceeded to examine her breasts throughly. The end of the exam included a gyno exam followed by a deep anal examination.

Perverted Doctor Exam

Jasmine Tame visits the doctor for her yearly examination. Her doctor starts off by having her change out of her clothing and into a gown. He starts off the exam by checking her big firm breasts. After a thorough examination, he gives her a gyno exam using a light up speculum. He finishes off the exam with a anal and rectal checkup.

Total Body Exam

Sophia had her annual exam to get checked out. She strips off her clothing and the doctor begins by giving her a breast exam. She then checks her vitals including heart rate and vision. Next Sophia gets a gyno exam, and flips over onto her stomach and receives a deep anal checkup! Watch the entire medical fetish video now!

Blonde Ass Injection

Jamie is a very busty blonde about to get her annual physical examination. Her doctor tells her to strip down and put on a medical robe. She is then brought into the exam room where she receives a complete checkup. The doctor checks Jamie's heart, blood pressure, then gives her a vaginal checkup followed by an anal checkup and a shot in her ass!

Guy Gets Examined

Dale visits his doctor because he was having some lower back pain. When the nurse comes into the room she has him strip down and she gives him a quick exam. She then calls in the female doctor who gives him a very thorough exam. She checks his prostate by sticking a finger deep into his ass. She finishes the exam by checking his temperature rectally!

Sexual Blonde Exam

Holly visits her doctor to get her yearly examination. She strips off her clothing and gets onto the exam table so the Doctor can begin. The Doctor checks all of her vital signs then gives her a gyno and rectal examination. The Doctor was really turned on by how beautiful Holly was and she could barely keep her hands off her her. The Doctor even makes a pass at her!
Big Breasts Exam
Caroline came in for a full service physical. Her doctor greeted her and gave her patient a rob to change into. Caroline quickly undresses and sat on the examination table where her physician started listening to her heart. Her Doctor then started Caroline's gyno exam, took her rectal temperature, and finally gave her an injection in her left cheek!






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