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Site Last Updated Today: July 20, 2019
Erica claims that the bruises on her knees is from playing sports but when she bends over for this doctor it's easy to get the wrong impression... This cute brunette gets a full examination by her hot blonde doctor. She gives a breast exam, sticks a speculum in Erica Love's tight pussy, and checks her temperature with a thermometer in her ass!
Lucy visited her Doctor Stephanie for her yearly examination. The Doctor started off giving Lucy a full exam thoroughly checking her breasts. Next she had her lay back on the exam table and received a complete gynecological checkup. She finished off the exam by receiving a deep anal exam by getting Stephanie's finger into her ass!
Louetta visited her Doctor because she needed to get a physical before she could join her college cheerleading team. Her Doctor Darnassus and nurse Violet gave her a very thorough exam. They started off feeling her perfect firm breasts. Next she received a deep gyno examination. They finished off the physical with a deep anal exam and rectal thermometer.
Tera visited her doctor to get an examination. Her doctor Bella was a beautiful blonde Doctor recently out of medical school. She started off having Tera strip off her clothing and receive a breast examination. She thoroughly examined her breasts to make sure everything felt ok. Next she had Tera lay back with her feet up in the stirrups to receive a gyno exam. She finished off the exam with an anal checked and rectal thermometer!
Trixx meets with her Doctor for her yearly examination. Now that Trixx is sexually active, its time for her first gyno exam! She was a little nervous at first, but her doctor made her feel very comfortable. She started off getting all her vitals and breasts examined, then laid back on the table with her feet up in the stirrups. After a full gyno exam her doctor had her lie on her stomach while she received a quick anal checkup followed by rectal thermometer.
Red headed Penelope visited her Doctor Sherman for her yearly physical examination. Penelope is a beautiful natural red head with an extremely tight firm body. The doctor starts off examining her breasts. Next she has Penelope strip off her clothing and lay on the table where she is given a very deep anal insertion and temperature checked with a rectal thermometer!
Kelly visited her Doctor to get her yearly examination. Her blonde Doctor Christina started off checking her vital signs including her heart rate and blood pressure. Dr. Christina then gave Kelly a very thorough breast examination. Next she gave her a gyno and rectal examination making sure to check her completely. She finished the exam by taking her temperature with a rectal thermometer.
Lilly visited her doctor for her yearly examination. She met with her Doctor Tyra Banks. The exam started off with Lilly stripping off her clothing and putting on a gown. Dr. Banks then proceeded to give her a complete examination. She got her breasts thoroughly examined followed by her breathing and heart rate. She then laid back in the stirrups and got a deep gyno exam. The doctor finished off the exam with an anal checkup and rectal thermometer!
Brenda visited the doctor for her yearly checkup. Her Doctor, Darla and had a new cute nurse named Nadia training to help her give the examination. They started off working together giving her a thorough exam of her vitals, heart rate, and breathing. The Doctor and nurse then proceeded to give her a breast exam followed by a gyno and anal checkup. They finished off the exam with her temperature checked with a rectal thermometer!
Heather visited her doctor for her yearly examination. Her doctor Allie started off the exam by having her strip off her clothing and weight in. Next she received a thorough breast exam, and Dr. took her time examining every inch of Heather's big breasts. Next she laid back in the stirrups and had a gyno checkup with speculum. Dr. finished off the exam by giving her a rectal exam followed by her temperature checked rectally.
Katelyn visited her Doctor for her yearly examination. She received a complete breast, gyno and anal examination. While she was getting her throat examined the Doctor he noticed her throat was a little sore. He had just the solution. He pulled out his cock and inserted it into her mouth! Next thing you know she was on the medical exam table getting fucked in her ass!
Bella visited her Doctor Tera for her annual examination. Dr. had Bella strip off her clothing before giving her a total examination. She started off checking her big firm breasts. She then gave her a deep gyno exam followed by an anal examination!






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