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Cindy's in the doctor's office for an annual physical examination. Dr. Margerie comes in and immediately instructs her to remove her clothing. Cindy strips off her clothes revealing her sexy physique. After a breast and breathing exam Dr. Margerie spreads open Cindy's legs and fetches the vaseline so she can easily insert the speculum into her vagina. After the gyno exam the doctor tells Cindy to flip over and she quickly sticks her finger into her asshole. Cindy enjoys these quick in-outs at the doctor's office!
Karen hasn't been feeling well lately so she went to see Dr. Angel. Dr. Angel suggested a full physical so Karen got undressed so the doctor could check her heart, lungs and breasts. Karen put on a gown and had her height and weight measured before spreading her legs on the geurney so Dr. Angel could check her vagina. She then flipped her over and used a couple fingers to probe her ass before taking her temperature with an anal thermometer.
Dr. Christina's new patient, Kelly, came in to her office for an annual physical. Kelly had been having some trouble with anal sex so she had her doctor check everything to make sure. She had her weight checked and a breast exam. Then she spread her legs so Dr. Christina could feel around her pussy before turning her over to stick a finger up her ass. She finished the physical by checking her temperature with a rectal thermometer.
Kate visited the doctor's office to get an annual physical. Her doctor came in with a newly hired medical student who is eager to learn all she can about being a doctor. Dr. White made sure to do a very thorough check-up on Kate for the sake of her cute nurse's learning. She had Kate strip down for a breast exam and had nurse Raquel follow along on her own breasts! To follow up the breast exam Dr. White showed her nurse the inside of Kate with a speculum before shoving two fingers in her asshole!
Trisha went to the doctors for a check up even though it makes her nervous. She was having some throat problems that she wanted her doctor to check out, but since she hadn't been to see him since she was a little girl, he gave her the full physical exam. The doctor started off with a breast exam, kneading her soft white skin, then proceeded to spread her legs for a pap smear. He finished her off by sticking his finger deep in her ass and taking her temperature with an anal thermometer!
Violet visited her doctor for a check-up because she's planning a trip to Norway in a few weeks. Dr. Darnassus gets her undressed, revealing her gorgeous breasts, and checks all her vitals including her annual breast exam. Violet is weighed by her assistant Louetta, then laid down with feet in the stirrups to check her vagina. The physical is capped off with a rectal thermometer check and an anal probe into her tight asshole to make sure everything is working correctly for her trip!
Angel had to reschedule her physical with a new doctor because her old one was out on maternity leave. When the doctor came in, Angel was surprised to discover that it was a man. Even though she's a bit uncomfortable, Angel still obeys her doctor's commands to strip down for the exam. After the heart and breathing exams, Angel gets a vaginal exam, pap smear, then a new anal exam whre the new doctor pokes his finger into her asshole and sticks a thermometer in there!
Tapioca went to see her doctor, Lilly because she was having some pain while peeing. She promptly asked her to take off her clothes so she could get to the bottom of the problem. Tapioca laid her slender frame down on Dr. Lilly's bench and spread her legs open wide in preparation for the speculum. After a quick look inside her vagina, Dr. Lilly concluded that Tapioca had been having too much sex and she got a tiny cut on her lips that needs some time to heal. Oops!
Dr. Heather conducts a routine physical on Allie . Allie is about due for a check-up and her only complaint is back pain from her gigantic breasts. No problem for Dr. Heather as she conducts a full physical, inspecting all the necessary areas like the breasts, vagina and ass. Allie strips her clothes off revealing her large assets for a breast exam, then she spreads her cheeks for the anal thermometer. Oops, Dr. Heather totally forgot to check out that back problem!
Jennifer needed an annual physical exam so she went to see her doctor Rosie. She took off all her clothes to put on the patient's gown and straddled the patient bed for her vaginal exam before flipping over so Dr. could probe her anus with her finger. The visit was capped off by using a standard anal thermometer to check the patient's temperature, then Jennifer was sent home with a clean bill of health!
Stacy visited her Doctor for her yearly physical examination. Stacy is a gorgeous Blonde with cute breasts and a firm, sexy ass. Dr. Leonard starts off examining her breasts and checking her heart. Then she has Stacy strip off her clothing and lay on the table where she is given a very deep anal insertion and has her temperature checked with a rectal thermometer!
Susan's newest patient Violet is having problems with her holes. Violet gets undressed and Dr. takes a look and feels her breasts first to make sure they're alright. She seems to get a bit excited to open Violet's legs just to make sure everything is working correctly. After a few pokes in a prods inside Violet, she is released with a clean bill of health!






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