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Dr. Cindy is examining Margerie in her office for an annual checkup. She has Margerie take off her clothes so she can get her hands on her beautiful breasts to check for lumps, no lumps found except for her hard nipples! Then she spreads her legs open so Dr. Cindy can insert a speculum to get a better view of her vagina. Finally, she has Margerie lay on her stomache while Dr. Cindy inserts her finger into her asshole and then takes her temperature with a rectal thermometer!
Joe ran into his buddy Rico who was on his way to the doctor's office for a physical. He heard that the nurse he's about to see is a huge slut. When he gets into the examination room and takes off his shirt, the nurse gets really turned on. She checked his heartbeat then went straight for his cock, pulling it out and sucking on it. The nurse took off her top, revealing her big breasts, then bent over the table as Rico fucked her deep in the pussy. She finished off the "exam" by getting the patient's stiff cock up her tight asshole!
Bonus Update
Shy visited her doctor for her annual examination. She confessed to her doctor of having unprotected sex. Her doctor was upset and wanted to teach Shy a lesson about having unprotected sex. The doctor said she would demonstrate the pain that having unprotected can bring. She pulled out a strapon dildo and proceeded to make Shy suck and lick it before getting it shoved deep into her ass. Her doctor then told her that the pain of anal sex can't even come close to the pain and humiliation of catching a sexually transmitted disease!
Guinevere was required to get a full physical for her college swim team so she made an appointment at her local doctor's office. Dr. White had Gwen take off all her clothes and gave her a breast exam first. Then she had her spread her legs open to get a pap smear. After that she had Gwen lay on her stomach so she could inspect her colon with her finger, then Dr. White inserted a rectal thermometer to get her temperature!
Trisha's boyfriend has been having a tough month at work and he's been taking it out on her ass with his huge cock. After a severe ass-pounding last night she decided to go to the doctor's office since her asshole has been hurting. The doctor asks her to remove all her clothing so she can give her a full checkup. Trisha has her weight checked and her perky breasts examined, then she lays on her stomache so the doctor can examine her firm ass!
It was Rachel's annual gyno exam so she went and met with her doctor. She removed all her clothing so Dr. White could give her a complete physical. Rachel had her perky breasts examined very thoroughly. She was weighed and had her heart and lungs checked. Then Dr. White had her lay on her stomach for an anal probe, and to finish off the examination her doctor used an anal thermometer to check her temp!
Karima visits the doctor to get her yearly physical examination. Dr. Margerie White has her remove her clothing and checks her weight. Karima gets a thorough breast examination and has a speculum inserted in her pussy for a gynecological exam. After getting her vitals and the rest of her body examined the doctor has her on her stomach and gives her a deep anal checkup!!
Lauren visits a sexy gynecologist for her first examination. Her doctor tells her to strip down her clothing then has all her vitals checked. She then gets on her knees and receives an anal exam. Following her gyno exam she has her temperature checked rectally. After the examination she is sent home with a clean bill of health. Watch this first timer get examined now!
Trixx was playing on the trampoline when she fell off and hurt her tushy. So she called on Dr. Chrissy to make it all better. Chrissy had her take off her clothes so she could give her a thorough checkup. She got her height, weight, and blood pressure, then she kneaded her perfect breasts for a longer-than necessary time for a breast exam. Trixx turned over so Dr. Chrissy could inspect her ass when her suspicions were confirmed. The lesbian doctor bent over and stuck her tongue in Trixx's asshole before shoving her finger deep inside!
Virginia's boyfriend shoved his dick into her asshole without warning and without any lube. It has been hurting for a few days, so she went to see Dr. Kelly to get it checked out. The doctor thought it would be a good idea for Virginia to get a full physical while she was there so she got her undressed and gave her a breast exam, gyno exam, got her weight, and then had her lay on her stomach so Dr. Kelly could stick her finger in her ass!
Nurse Nicky came in the office to find Brandy with a bandaged boo boo on her butt. She apparently had gotten a bit too rough fooling around with her brother's friends and now she's got a big bruise to show for it. Nurse Nicky decided to give her a full checkup to find any other problems. She had her strip naked so she could give a breast exam and get her weight. Then she asked her lay down and stick her butt in the air so she could check her colon and vagina!
Ashley went to the doctor's because she hurt her butthole. She and her boyfriend had anal sex for the first time and her ass has been hurting for a few days now. Dr. Stern met with her to determine the problem so she instructed Ashley to take off her clothes to get a better look. She got a full physical first, weighing her, breast exam, and checking her lungs. Then she had Ashley spread her legs so Dr. Stern could inspect her pussy and asshole. She checked her temperature with an anal thermometer and in the end determined that Ashley hadn't used enough lubricant before taking her boyfriend's dick in her ass!
Dr. Winters' new patient, Jessica, was dancing in a club when she brushed up against the bar and got a nasty splinter in her butt! So she went to the doctor's office to get it checked out. Dr. Winters specializes in the ass so Jessica won't have any problems when she's done with her. Jessica takes off her clothes and bears her ass so Dr. Winters can probe her anus to make sure there was no internal damage. Then she takes her temperature with an anal thermometer to make sure there's no infection and sends Jessica home with a healthy butt!






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