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Site Last Updated Today: July 20, 2019
This hot busty brunette needed to get her yearly exam so she went to her doctors for her check up. While there she learned that the doctor has a new procedure to check for cancer in women! What she didn't know it had to deal with her asshole! So after the normal breast exam and pussy exam she bends her over and shoves her finger deep into her tight asshole! Watch the entire exam in side the members area! You will get rock hard watching this busty babe's anal exam.
This blond had a wild night of drinking and unprotected sex with a stranger she met at a local bar. So the next day after she got over her hang over she went to see her Dr. The Dr, scolded her about the unprotected sex and she gave her a complete physical, she inserted her finger deep into her tight asshole, then she took some test from her sweet raw pussy! Watch the entire video to see this hot babe getting her physical!
It was Tina's annual gyno exam so she went and met with her doctor. She removed all her clothing so Dr. White could give her a complete physical. Tina had her perky breasts examined very thoroughly. She was weighed and had her heart and lungs checked. Then Dr. White had her lay on her stomach for an anal probe, and to finish off the examination her doctor used an anal thermometer to check her temp!
Britney visited her doctor to get an examination. Her doctor started off checking her vitals before pulling down her gown and examining her big firm breasts. After the breast exam she had a gyno exam. She finished off the exam with a very deep anal checkup!
Brooklyn went to the Doctor for a quick checkup. Her Doctor started off the examination by checking all of her vital signs, and body stats including mouth, heart rate, weight, and temperature. Next, the Doctor gave Brooklyn a very thorough breast exam. She ended the exam with a very deep anal examination including rectal thermometer.
Cherry had her annual exam to get checked out. She strips off her clothing and the doctor begins by giving her a breast exam. She then checks her vitals including heart rate and vision. Next Cherry gets a gyno exam, and flips over onto her stomach and receives a deep anal checkup! Watch the entire medical fetish video now!
Kelly is about to try out for a new job at the local police dept. and before she can apply she needs to receive a complete exam. Kelly is a very hot brunette and the doctor wants to make sure her body can handle all of the stress that an athlete endures. The doctor gives her a very thorough exam including breast, anal, and gyno exam! She also gets a rectal thermometer in her ass!! Watch the video to see this hot exam!
Rachel went to the doctor's because she hurt her asshole. She and her boyfriend had anal sex for the first time and her ass has been hurting for a few days now. Dr. Law met with her to determine the problem so she instructed Rachel to take off her clothes to get a better look. She got a full physical first, weighing her, breast exam, and checking her lungs. Then she had Rachel spread her legs so Dr. Law could inspect her pussy and asshole. She checked her temperature with an anal thermometer and in the end determined that Rachel hadn't used enough lubricant before taking her boyfriend's dick in her ass! Watch the entire movie to see everything Rachel went through.
Ayden wasn't feeling well so she went to the doctors, at the doctors the Dr wanted to do a full body exam on Ayden's tight body. She checked her huge natural breast then moved to her sweet pussy! To finish the exam off she dug deep into Ayden's asshole! Watch the movie to see Ayden's full body exam.
Kiarra visited her doctor to get her yearly physical. Her normal doctor was on vacation so she was lucky to get examined by the beautiful new doctor. Kiarra was a little nervous, but the doctor made her feel very comfortable. She got her vitals checked before receiving a gyno examination. Next she was turned over onto her stomach and received a deep anal exam!
Misty found a lump on her breast and went in for a full check up! The dr found that it was a cyst and not cancer, but wanted to give her a head to toe exam. She checks her lymph nodes and then her big tits. She then gives her a pelvic exam and checks deep into her pussy for any lumps! She was then bent over and was given a rectal temperature check. Watch this exciting full body exam movie now!
Talia needed to have her yearly check up, while at the doctors she explains she was having anal problems! The exam starts off with checking her big perky breast then the Dr. moves to examining her pussy in and out! She follows up with a deep anal exam and finds nothing, she then takes a rectal temperature and sends her on her way! Watch this killer medical video now.






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